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The path to feeling better is one step away.

Pain in life can be unpredictable. Where to turn for help can be confusing. Regardless of where you are referred or told to go by a physician's office-the truth is you have a choice! Whether you require physical therapy after surgery or relief from nagging back pain, rest assured we will help place you on the path to feeling better.  From the weekend warrior to the athlete, or pain from years on the job, we have the experience to meet your needs. A doctor's referral is gladly accepted but not necessary to schedule an appointment.

Meet the physical therapist behind the therapy.

"My philosophy is based on proven techniques that emphasize your involvement to help you achieve lasting results and prevent future recurrences."

Michael Moreau, PT, MSPT, DPT is a graduate of L.S.U. He opened Physical Therapy Specialists in the fall of 2000 after moving to North Carolina from Louisiana. Dr. Moreau has a special interest in manual therapy, working ‘hands-on’ with each patient. As a lifetime learner, he continually strives to educate himself and his patients on how the body works and its amazing capacity to heal. As outdoor enthusiasts, he and his family enjoy all of the unique activities the state of North Carolina has to offer.

“Experience the Difference”

We believe in getting to know you as a person as well as a patient. Our goal is to develop an understanding of your needs and lifestyle. This comprehensive approach will allow us to incorporate our skill, knowledge, training and art in helping you reach your highest potential. Our ultimate goal at the end of therapy is to have you leave with an improved quality of life and the knowledge that you have received the best and most advanced care. 

  • Back Pain: Disc Bulge/Herniation, Lumbar Sprain/Strain, Sciatica

  • Head & Neck Pain: Headaches, Shoulder Blade Pain, Numbness

  • Elbow & Shoulder Pain: Tendinitis/Bursitis, Rotator Cuff Pathology, Tennis/Golfer Elbow

  • Foot & Ankle Pain: Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Pain, Running Injuries, Orthotic Fitting/Fabrication

  • Post-Surgical Rehabilitation: Knee Replacement/Repair, Rotator Cuff Repair, Discectomies, Fusions

  • Work Related Issues: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Repetitive Strain Disorders

  • Sports Injuries: High School or College Athletics, Recreational Sports Activities

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